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What is “Voluntourism”?

Simply put, ‘Voluntourism’ is a fusion of ‘volunteerism’ and ‘tourism’.

We like to think of it as a way to satisfy wanderlust with a deeper purpose. Voluntourism is for the travellers who feel the need to do more than just visit the sites, who want to significantly give back to the community that is enriching their lives, or who want to experience a place from a meaningful perspective beyond tourism.

Voluntourism is the quintessence of responsible tourism.

One World Safari Tours arranges Voluntourism trips for individuals, families, and organized groups who would like to experience the gifts of Tanzania in the traditional sense, through safari or trek, and would like donate resources, in the form of time or supplies, to a local organization helping the Tanzanian community.

Like our safaris, treks, and excursions, all our Voluntourism trips are custom-made to fit the comfort, budget, and volunteering desires of the Voluntourists. To give you a better idea about the rewarding opportunities available, we have outlined sample programs available for independents (individuals, students, families) and organizations (church groups, professional guilds, activist clubs, charity boards) below.

Voluntourism Programs for Independents

Individuals · Students · Youth Groups · Families

These trips will include at least 2 weeks of volunteer placement at a local development organization doing activities such as teaching english to underprivileged children, assisting in-home care visits, or building a community center. Guests will enjoy weekend trips to local markets, waterfall hikes, lessons in the local language, Swahili, or traditional art techniques, and end their trip with a camping safari, mountain trek, or relaxing beach escape to the Island of Zanzibar.

  • Orientation & Karibu (Welcome) Dinner
  • 2+ Weeks Volunteering
  • Weekend Cultural Excursions
  • Final Trip*: Safari, Trek, or Beach Escape

  • Airport Pick up & Drop Off
  • B&B or Half Board Accommodation
  • Assistance with Daily Transportation
  • All Costs of Excursions and Final Trip*

For more information regarding available, ongoing project and fees, kindly send us an email.

Voluntourism Programs for Organizations

Church Groups · Professional Guilds · Activist Clubs · Charity Boards

These trips are designed for groups of visitors interested in connecting their home organization with a local, small or medium sized development organization of common interest in Tanzania.

Some Examples of what organizations might look for are:

Church Community > Local Christian Org to receive Missionary Volunteers
Physicians Group > Clinics to support with Annual Donation of Medical Supplies
University Activists > Local Womens’ Development Campaign to Fundraise for
Teachers Faculty > School to give teaching supplies & arrange student Pen-Pals

One World Safari Tours, in collaboration with its local non-profit partners , will arrange visits to different Tanzanian development organizations where guests can bring monetary or in-kind donations from their home organization. These visits will allow the guests to see first hand the reality on the ground, meet the people who will benefit from their generous gift, and allow the local people to thank their benefactors, a truly rewarding experience for both parties. From these trips a relationship can be built between the visitor and one of the local organizations, either in the form of a common mission, member exchange, or support system with annual donation trips.

To form a greater connection with and understanding of the community they are assisting, guests will partake in village activities, including an optional 1 night homestay, learn about indigenous culture and art, and enjoy a wildlife safari to the Serengeti or an expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the "Roof of Africa".

  • Orientation & Karibu (Welcome) Dinner
  • Visits to local Development Organizations
  • Cultural Excursions
  • Wildlife Safari or Mountain Trek

  • Airport Pick up & Drop Off
  • B&B or Half Board Accommodation
  • Visits’ Transportation & Introductions
  • All Costs of Excursions & Safari or Trek

For more information please send us an email. See details at the bottom of the page.

By creating a unique way for visitors to interact with and experience all that Tanzania has to offer, we hope "to connect people of the world together through responsible tourism".

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