Empowerment and development through Socially Responsible Tourism is what ONEWORLD Safari Tours prides itself on today.

Construction, Renovation, and Landscaping assistance at orphanages, schools, and other projects

We constantly have building and renovation projects under way with our orphanages, schools and other partners. Volunteers of various skill levels are needed to help with classroom construction, renovation, landscaping or other projects. Depending on the project in motion at your time of volunteering and your individual preferences, you may be working at a location within the Arusha area or further out in the Maasailands. Homestays and / or camping would be arranged for the outlying area projects. Hostel or homestays would be arranged for projects within the Arusha area. All skill and age levels (above 14 years) are welcome for these projects, which may include hanging ceiling boards, repairing floors, painting, repairing desks and bunk beds, and planting trees and vegetable gardens for the school, orphanage or other center.*

Working at Orphanages

We support several orphanages in and around the Arusha area, with children ranging in ages from 0-18. Some of our partners have children with special needs and all have incredible kids needing love and support. Much of your time on this program will be spent personally involved with the children, sharing social experiences, teaching them hygiene practices, administering medicine, helping with bath time, dressing, feeding, reading and playing with them. Our orphanage partners will work with you to identify specific projects for which they need help, including but not limited to painting, organizing / office assistance, garden clean up, teaching, tree-planting and/or building projects.*


We work with several schools in Arusha and surrounding areas throughout Northern Tanzania. Based on your skills, comfort level, time-commitment and the school’s needs, you may be placed in an English- or Swahili-medium school either in Arusha or in a rural village, Our school partners range from nursery to primary to secondary, and most classrooms are overcrowded with students eager to learn. We will work with our school partners to find a suitable placement for you, whether that be a short-term “specialty” class or a semester or longer assignment. If you prefer to not run a classroom on your own, you may be assigned as a teaching assistant, especially in the Swahili- medium schools. Or your skills may be utilized to teach the local teachers better skills for their own classrooms.

Environmental Clean-up - Seasonal

A two-week program focused on cleaning the environment at each of our projects. Programs can be arranged seasonally for groups of 10 people or more. Volunteers will help with clean up at our orphanage centers and schools, plant trees at one of our many national parks or other areas and also will have the opportunity to help clean areas of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The special customized package is for the volunteers who would like to do a trek expedition at the end of their cleaning volunteering project.

Women’s Projects / Micro-Finance / Marketing / Small Business Development

We partner with several Women’s Empowerment and Women’s Micro- Finance Group programs who can often use assistance with small group skills training, business advising, marketing, and social support of their members. This placement is ideal for those interested in sharing their professional and creative skills with women just learning to market their skills and products.

Clinic, Midwifery & Medical/Mental Health Assistance

Our clinic, midwifery, and hospital partners are always looking for trained and experienced volunteers to help in various ways in their centers and rural outposts. From administering vaccinations to assisting in procedures and labor/delivery to family planning and abuse counseling, your skills as a medical or mental healthcare worker will be highly valued in these often under-funded and under-staffed locations. Medical and mental healthcare professionals, trainees, and students are welcome.

HIV /AIDS Education

Volunteers will assist with daily medical and basic care of area residents affected by HIV/AIDS, including by not limited to preparing meals, administering medication, counseling on prevention, helping with bathing/showering and other essential activities.

Karibu Sana Tanzania,

One World Safari Team

For more information regarding available, ongoing project and fees, kindly send us an email.

 quotation mark Great guide & driver who was very informative about the animals, geography & general area. We were happy to participate in responsible tourism and glad that we are able to give something back.

- M.C., California, USA
quotation mark  I had a fantastic time with One World Safaris. They made the experience
so worthwhile. The scenery was breathtaking & the animals were as well. A truly amazing experience. ASANTE SANA!

-M.W., New York, USA
quotation mark Incredible weekend! All 7 of us had an amazing time and saw all the animals that we wanted to see up close! We were really pleased with everything and we want to that One World Safaris for organizing it for us.

- Working in Tandem, UK
quotation mark I really enjoyed having my first safari experience through One World Safari Tours. They were committed to making sure we were comfortable throughout our stay and our guide was exceptionally good...

-F.H., Columbia

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