ONEWORLD Safari Tours is a local for-purpose, socially responsible tour operator based in Arusha, Tanzania. We provide customized wildlife safaris, mountain treks, beach holidays, honeymoon getaways, volunteer programs, and cultural excursions to individuals, families, and groups. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with outstanding, high quality service and a positively unforgettable experience in Tanzania, the land of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Islands of Zanzibar. We look forward to showing you the wonders of our beautiful country.


One World Safari Tours believes that just as the experience of tourism enriches the lives of travellers, it should also enrich the lives of the indigenous world. That is why we practice responsible tourism – tourism that allows visitors to wholly experience the adventure, beauty, and culture of Tanzania in a way that respects the local people and environment. It is with this philosophy that One World Safari Tours provides Wildlife Safaris, Mountain Trekking, Beach Holidays, Volunteer Opportunities and Cultural Excursions for its guests.

Each of our boutique trips is custom-crafted with high quality standards for our guests to experience and enjoy the real Africa. With great attention to detail, seasonal opportunities, and personal preferences, our thoughtfully constructed itineraries ensure a journey through Tanzania that is wonderfully unforgettable.

When you experience the gifts of Tanzania through One World Safaris, you also give a gift directly back to the Tanzanian community. One World Safari Tours donates 10% of all profits to sustain local non-profit organizations and community development programs based in the Maasai-populated region of the Arusha area.

To date, our One World Safari Tours guests have contributed to the erecting of a water system at a rural school, the weekly supply of essential nutritional foods to a local orphanage and school, the building of classrooms at a primary school, the bi-annual delivery of medical supplies to a rural clinic, the construction of a sustainability project at a local orphanage, the delivery of school supplies, toys and clothing to a local nursery school/orphanage, the renovation of classrooms at a rural school, sponsorship of orphans and students throughout the region, and many more deserving endeavors.


One World Safari Tours is pleased to be working with our international NGO partner Jenga Jumuiya through our local sister organization ONE WORLD FOUNDATION based and registered in Tanzania on an exciting volunteer and fundraising project in the Oldonyo Sambu area of Tanzania.


Jenga = To Build  Jumuiya = Community

Jenga Jumuiya is a non-profit organization focused on providing educational opportunities for the most needy students in developing countries. We believe that a solid education is the key to helping those less fortunate help themselves out of poverty. With that in mind, we work in conjunction with local communities to build classrooms, renovate schools, and sponsor education costs so that children in even the most rural areas will have the opportunity to expand their minds.


To Build Community – Strength, Pride and Leadership – through the construction of school facilities, the renovation of classrooms and the sponsorship of students in developing countries.


The village of Oldonyo Sambu is located approximately 47 kilometers from Arusha, Tanzania. The students at the Oldonyo Sambu Primary School are primarily members of the Maasai tribe. The Maasai are known for their animal husbandry, bright traditional costumes and intricately beaded jewelry. The majority of the families in the region live well below the poverty line (less than $1/day). The families live in mud huts called “bomas.” Their diet consists of porridge, rice, meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Water is scarce in the region, and dust storms often occur, especially during the “dry season”. Students walk to and from school each day for up to twelve kilometers each way. They attend classes with more than 150 students per room and sit in often broken desks that are shared among three to four students. Pencils, paper, even textbooks are a luxury to these children. Even with these challenges, the students are determined to learn, and each day, face their difficult circumstances with a spirit of hope and anticipation. We are so proud and excited for the future of these children, and we know that many are great leaders in the making.


As our name implies, Jenga Jumuiya (Swahili for “Building Community”) is focused on community building – not only erecting physical structures, but also building strength, pride, and leadership in the populations we
serve. Therefore our intent is to involve the local community in all aspects of our project so that they are not merely recipients of charity, but active participants in creating educational opportunities for their families and themselves. We work in close cooperation with the community leaders, school boards, and district councils of our focus areas to identify and create a “community” project plan, whereby the community works with us to provide a portion of funding, materials, and/or labor.


To date, our work has focused on the Oldonyo Sambu Primary School in the Arumeru district of rural Tanzania. This school enrolls nearly 1050 children in what was a seven-classroom, heavily overcrowded, and structurally dilapidated facility. With the help of our generous donors, Jenga Jumuiya has been able to expand the classroom count at this school to nine classrooms and add an additional teacher’s office.

While we are thrilled with what we have been able to accomplish thus far at the Oldonyo Sambu Primary School, we know that more than 1050 children in even nine classrooms does not allow for the individualized and quality learning atmosphere that these children deserve. So we must do more!


With your help, we are working to raise funds for our next project at this school: the renovation of the existing classrooms at Oldonyo Sambu Primary School. Almost all of the classrooms at this remote facility are extremely dilapidated with large cracks in the flooring, missing windows, falling ceiling boards, leaking roofs, cracked chalkboard, and broken desks. We would like to create a clean, inviting and pride-inducing environment for the worthy children of this school, and we need your help to make it happen.

In all of our programs, we collaborate with the community to create a plan of action. The village elders, families, and students provide some element for the project – whether it be wood, sand, stone, or labor. For this project, we will work with the community to provide any sand and gravel needed for the creation of the cement flooring. Our supplies are purchased through local vendors and our contractors also have ties to the community.

There are seven (7) classrooms to be renovated to complete this project. For each classroom, we are estimating that the amount needed to be raised for each classroom renovation will be roughly $8,000 USD, with the majority of the labor provided by your enthusiastic and able-bodied student volunteers.


Your students will spend four (4-6) consecutive days at the school. They will spend their day, cleaning, fixing ceiling tiles, filling holes in floors and laying new cement, painting, and generally making the Oldonyo Sambu Primary School a place of pride and one that encourages education and learning. While there, they will have the chance to play with the kids and sit in on classes, should they so choose. Each night they will return to Arusha for much-needed showers and relaxing evenings.

After their 4-6 day volunteer experience, they will head out on a safari to several of the infamous national parks of the Northern Tanzanian area. One World Safari Tours will arrange your transportation, accommodation, meals, and safari excursions for this trip.


 quotation mark Great guide & driver who was very informative about the animals, geography & general area. We were happy to participate in responsible tourism and glad that we are able to give something back.

- M.C., California, USA
quotation mark  I had a fantastic time with One World Safaris. They made the experience
so worthwhile. The scenery was breathtaking & the animals were as well. A truly amazing experience. ASANTE SANA!

-M.W., New York, USA
quotation mark Incredible weekend! All 7 of us had an amazing time and saw all the animals that we wanted to see up close! We were really pleased with everything and we want to that One World Safaris for organizing it for us.

- Working in Tandem, UK
quotation mark I really enjoyed having my first safari experience through One World Safari Tours. They were committed to making sure we were comfortable throughout our stay and our guide was exceptionally good...

-F.H., Columbia

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